šŸ’„6 PCS HSS Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set

$19.99 USD


These Drill Bit Set includeĀ 6 individual drill bits.Ā It's economical andeasy to store.Ā Titanium coating is very suitable for using to cut holes in a variety of materialsĀ including steel, brass, wood, plastic, etc.

New technology in drill Material - bearing steel combined with a titanium coating.Ā More capable and durable.Ā Step design let makes drillingĀ cutting precise & efficient,Ā Convenience, and Widely used.Ā New Design and Smoother cutting, Make yourĀ industrial buildings more perfect.


  • Strong PracticalĀ -Ā A combination set of 6 specifications, 3-step drill bits, and 3 serrated drill bits, meet your diverse needs and improve work efficiency

Precise & EfficientĀ -Ā Combining the multi-grid drilling of the pagoda bit and the sharp edge of the serrated bit to facilitate the removal of cutting waste when drilling, preventing iron chips or sawdust from scattering, makes drilling cutting faster, more precise, smoother, and more efficient

Durable In UseĀ -Ā Made of high-quality bearing steel, titanium-plated surface, anti-oxidation, no rust, wear-resistant, long service life.

Easy To CarryĀ -Ā The most commonly used drill size, light and small do not take up space, Can be stored in your toolbox and used anytime, anywhere, convenient and fast.

Wide ApplicationĀ -Ā Titanium coating ensures easily cut through steel sheets, aluminum sheets, copper & plastic & wood board, and many other types of sheet metal ease, Including tile, concrete, tile, brick, wood, plastic, glass, masonry, etc.