4FunGift® Angel Eye Customized Photo Projection Bracelet

$38.95 USD



No matter the distance, you will always be able to carry your beloved one with you. A beautiful bracelet for anything you love in life.You don't need expensive gifts to make a person happy, you just need to hit their emotions.See how emotional people will get when they receive this wonderful gift from you.Send your favorite photo now. Let us create a unique bracelet for you. We may reposition or crop the photo to occupy the whole area.

Please take note the benefits of this item:
✔️No Discoloration
✔️High Corrosion Resistance
✔️Durable Strength
✔️Long-Lasting Shine
✔️Guaranteed High Quality

Why you should buy with us:
1. Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with metal allergies.
2. Higher corrosion resistance against heat exposure.
3. Best features – you can bring into shower!

●Jewelry Information:
Color: Rose Gold Plated/White Gold Plated
Material: Copper
Style: Personalized
Size: 15+5cm
Weight: 6.3g