4FunGift® Photo Projection Couple Bracelets - Moon and Sun Matching Bracelets | 2 Pieces

$49.95 USD


🎁Special couple gift for special one.

Color: Black
Material: Copper
Style: Personalized
Chain Length: 14-25cm
Weight: 7g

💌 Presenting our couple photo projection bracelets, an enchanting blend of sentimentality and cutting-edge technology. These stunning pieces are more than just ordinary jewelry; they're a unique way of carrying your special moments with you wherever you go. The photo bracelets come with moon and sun charms, symbolizing the eternal and universal bond of love, making them the perfect gift for your partner.

🔍Our Couple Photo Projection Bracelets capture the essence of your shared moments in a technologically advanced yet incredibly personal way. With just a beam of light, the bracelet projects your chosen photo, allowing you to relive those intimate memories. The moon and sun charms add an extra layer of charm and elegance, making this jewellery piece a standout. Don't hesitate to express your love uniquely and stylishly. Order your photo projection bracelets today and wear your love story on your wrist.

Please take note the benefits of this item:
✔️No Discoloration
✔️High Corrosion Resistance
✔️Durable Strength
✔️Long-Lasting Shine
✔️Guaranteed High Quality

Why you should buy with us:
1. Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with metal allergies.
2. Higher corrosion resistance against heat exposure.
3. Best features – you can bring into shower!